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Adecco Finland


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Adecco Finland


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We are a modern technology company delivering web and mobile solutions. We combine strategy, design and analytics with technology and data - that is the basis of our thinking about business.
Our customers represent global, leading brands like: HBO, Kone, Rovio, Ikea, and they appreciate our craftsmanship, innovation and "can do" attitude. Our vast experience, factual approach to client issues and openness to new ideas are qualities highly valued by our partners.
We are looking forFrontend Developer to join our troops. Experienced developers who are able to handle difficult architectural, development and technology tasks that pop up in our challenging projects every day.
We work with a multitude of technologies and frameworks and frequently cross the frontend - backend boundary. We put lots of focus on creating software that is scalable, durable and has excellent user experience. Therefore we look for candidates that are open to multidisciplinary projects.
We are looking for candidates with experience in selected web technologies, tools, languages and frameworks:
  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript would be essential
  • Proficiency in one of the following frameworks: React, Elm, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Knockout
  • Experience in working with modular CSS architectures (e.g. BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS, etc.)
  • Experience in working with CSS preprocessor (e.g. Sass, Less or PostCSS)
  • Experience in frontend workflow automation/build tools like npm, Bower, Gulp, webpack
  • Hands-on knowledge with creating responsive and mobile web applications
  • Working knowledge of GIT version control system
  • Working knowledge of Jasmine/Mocha/Other unit tests tool
  • Attention to visual details, some UX/UI background would be huge advantage
  • Knowledge of ES6 new features would be an advantage
  • Experience with offline apps using: Local storage, IndexedDB, Service Workers would be an advantage
  • Experience with hybrid application platforms such as Apache Cordova, React Native or similar would be an advantage
Other requirements:
  • 4+ years of professional experience
  • Very good English language skills
  • "Can do" attitude, open mindset and excellent problem solving skills
  • Good understanding of agile development
Wondering what we can offer you for your engagement?
  • Multinational environment with an outstanding non-corporate atmosphere and great people to work with
  • An opportunity to work independently (empowerment & decision making)
  • Attractive compensation package
  • Private medical care
  • Annual training budget
  • Fun & challenges
  • Small agile development team consisted of senior-level developers with true passion for technology
  • Flexible working hours
  • Selection of the preferred form of cooperation
The atmosphere of our place is relaxed and highly professional at the same time. Our company's philosophy is to empower people to take responsibility and become the true heroes in their respective areas of expertise. We work in self-organizing teams where everyone brings value and is able to make use of the skills to the fullest extent. People and interactions matter here.
If you are a master in your field and recognize yourself as the One - please, come and meet us. Let us show you that work can be enjoyable and meaningful at the same time.

Send your application to: [email protected]
Työnantaja: Siili Solutions Sijainti: Wroclaw, PL Ilmoitus jätetty: 07.06.2016 Haku päättyy: Toistaiseksi voimassa Ilmoituskanava: Siili

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Toiminimi Siili Solutions Oyj Y-tunnus 1979903-5 Toimiala Ohjelmistojen suunnittelu ja valmistus Rinnakkaistoiminimet Solagem, Complit, DEVTRAIN, Design House Fusion, Muotoilutoimisto Fusion, Mediatuotantoyhtiö Fusion, Design Fusion, Comvise, Codebakers, Avaus Consulting

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Tämä työpaikka, Frontend Developer, on ilmoitettu Siili -palvelussa 07.06.2016 ja sen on julkaissut Siili Solutions. Ilmoitus on toistaiseksi voimassa. Työpaikka sijaitsee Helsinki , osoitteessa Wroclaw, PL . Ilmoituksen jättäneellä työnantajalla on tällä hetkellä avoimia työpaikkoja Duunitorilla yhteensä 26 kappaletta.


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