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00510 - Helsinki

Isännöitsijä, Isännöitsijätoimisto Maikoski Oy, Vantaa

Adecco Finland



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Software Test Engineer (summer trainee)

Procountor Oy

02150 - Espoo

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Does your motor run on DevOps? Are you able to utilize the best that Cloud has to offer in your daily work with creative, technically sound solutions? Please read on!
What are we looking for? We are now looking for a Cloud-focused, experienced developer who knows what CALMS stands for in the DevOps context. You don't need to be a wizard-level guru on all of the areas covered by that acronym, but you do need to have the passion to develop yourself into one in the future, with our support. When you are ready to go, you will be able to include infrastructure-, testing- and configuration automation in your solutions, not to mention infrastructure and application monitoring. Current knowledge of these concepts and relevant tools is considered a huge bonus.
Any AWS / Azure / similar certificates are highly appreciated, but not absolutely necessary.
What's in it for you? We offer you the opportunity to build up your expertise and to grow as tall as you want to grow - we truly believe in continuous improvement and expect our siilis to share that philosophy. In addition you get to work with the best colleagues, siilis, and with the best clients and project. Being a siili also means that you get to work with different teams, yet be the master of your own work - we trust you.
We also offer you an attractive compensation package with great benefits, of which you can learn more here .
Interested? If you have questions about this role, please feel free to contact Tiia,[email protected] As we are growing fast, we are willing to start discussions with you immediately - so do not hesitate to APPLY HERE as soon as possible!
Työnantaja: Siili Sijainti: Helsinki Ilmoitus jätetty: 08.06.2016 Haku päättyy: Toistaiseksi voimassa Ilmoituskanava: Siili

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Osoite: Helsinki


Tämä työpaikka, DevOps Driven, Cloud Savvy Developer, on ilmoitettu Siili -palvelussa 08.06.2016 ja sen on julkaissut Siili. Ilmoitus on toistaiseksi voimassa. Työpaikka sijaitsee paikkakunnalla Helsinki , osoitteessa Helsinki .


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