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Kaiku HR is specialized in personnel leasing, outsourcing and recruitment. In addition, we offer professional welding services. It is very important for us to find an inspiring and motivating job for the candidate or otherwise well-fitting task for his/ her current life situation. We believe that a motivated and inspired employee grants the success for our customer.


Our customer is an innovative high-tech start-up company who is looking for a skilled Product Manager/Project Manager to enforce their customer projects and product development of their proprietary smart optical sensors and cloud-based measurement and analysis systems.

Job description: As the Product/Project Manager, you are responsible for organizing customer pilots, documenting product requirements, setting up manufacturing chain, taking upcoming products to production and managing related projects. You will work in close co-operation with the R&D team and marketing.

More specifically, the work consists of:

- Product life cycle management and quality assurance
- Coordinating product development projects and translating customer needs to Product development team
- Setting up production chain and co-operating with suppliers and subcontractors
- Negotiating pilot projects with potential B-to-B customers
- Identification of potential customer applications for sensors and sensor systems in different customer categories
- Business analysis of opportunities together with the management of the company

In order to be successful in your work, you benefit from having:

- Suitable MSc level degree in engineering
- Experience in measurement technologies, namely sensors and spectroscopy
- 8+ years of relevant work experience in industry with proven track record of bringing new hardware products to market
- Experience in product development and product launching on an international level
- Proven skills in project preparation and management
- Knowledge of different mobile and cloud-based platforms
- Excellent negotiation skills and spoken and written English
- High proactiveness and excellent team working skills
- Good capability for independent work
- Enthusiastic and ambitious attitude to work
- Creative mind with efficient execution skills
- A global mindset and willingness to travel

We offer you a highly interesting position in a fresh high-technology start-up company, backed-up by leading Finnish investors. You will be working with latest equipment in the newly-renovated facilities in Helsinki, which is also equipped with a high-quality lunch restaurant and a free-to-use, modern gym. You will be integrated in the current team and will have an excellent opportunity to significantly contribute in the company?s success!

Send your CV and application letter with your salary request by filling the application form. The position will be fulfilled as soon as the right person is found.

Web-osoite: http://www.kaikuhr.fi Työnantaja: Kaiku HR Oy Sijainti: 00380 HELSINKI Työajat: kokoaikatyö Työ alkaa: 1.10.2016 Yhteystiedot: Auli Antila 040-557 4422 Hakemukset: http://www.kaikuhr.fi/ Ilmoitus jätetty: 24.09.2016 Haku päättyy: 30.10.2016 00:00 Ilmoituskanava: mol

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Osoite: 00380 HELSINKI


Tämä työpaikka, Product/Project Manager, on ilmoitettu mol -palvelussa 24.09.2016 ja sen on julkaissut Kaiku HR Oy. Kyseessä on kokoaikatyö. Ilmoituksen hakuaika umpeutuu 30.10.2016. Työpaikka sijaitsee paikkakunnalla 00380 - Helsinki , osoitteessa 00380 HELSINKI .

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