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Qt team and Qt technology is helping individuals and industries to build next generation solutions for cars, futuristic dashboards for ships, analyze satellite images, visualize meteors, create design with 3D, safe lives through medical devices and sense movements with IoT devices.
And this is just a start. These are only a fraction of areas where Qt technology is used.

The future is written with Qt and we would like you to be part of it!

What we are looking for?

We are looking for passionate Qt and C++ experts into many of our technology areas. In the Qt (R&D) research and development we are building new features for next generations of Qt like Qt for IoT devices, Qt 3D toolchain and cross platform Qt solutions for embedded devices. In the Qt Release we have numerous machinery and expert teams to release and maintain multiple Qt versions by using continuous integration and automated testing tools. In the Qt Support we give warm and exact code base help to our committed commercial customers and in the Qt Services we take the help in to deeper level by working as advisors close to the customers.

Who we are looking for?

Qt people works as a team. In a team we help each other and share ideas and thoughts. Therefore, we are looking candidates with strong spoken and written communication skills. We are also keen to be technically talented team. We would like you to present your strong software development skills, especially with C++ and embedded platforms. Qt & QML experiences are naturally plus. Usually, we also do a C++ pre-work with a candidate.

All our areas are needing more or less C++ and in addition in Qt release team all scripting skills are welcome. On Qt Support and Services areas being able to present ideas, draw architectures and working with people are highly needed skills. Also, mainly in Qt Services, ability to travel is good to know.

Areas to be part of would be:
. Qt Services,
. Qt Support or
. Qt R&D

What we are offering?

We offer a highly international work place with uniquely skilled people from around the whole world. Our culture embraces openness, learning, encouragement and fun. The Qt Company operates in China, Finland, Japan, Germany, Korea, Norway, Russia and USA. To learn more please visit Qt.io.

Would like you to join the talented team? This is how to apply:

First do the C++ pre-work, it will be an advantage in the evaluation. Get the material from here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l8u0jv17d3327ax/AAB9C-UAiws8Dp0ucj7n-1DAa?dl=0

Then fill in your application and save your pre-work results at: https://www.qt.io/careers/careers-qt-experts-to-rd-support-and-consultancy/

Please send your application soon, we are interviewing candidates already on the apply period.

Web-osoite: http://www.qt.io/ Työnantaja: The Qt Company Oy Sijainti: Elektroniikkatie 13, 90590 OULU Työajat: kokoaikatyö Työ alkaa: heti Yhteystiedot: Ari Salmi, ari.salmi@qt.io, Qt Services Kimmo Leppälä, kimmo.leppala@qt.io, Qt Support Kalle Viironen, kalle.viironen@qt.io, Qt R&D Olli Hirvonen, olli.hirvonen@qt.io, Qt Release Ilmoitus jätetty: 23.09.2016 Haku päättyy: 30.11.2016 00:00 Ilmoituskanava: mol

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Osoite: Elektroniikkatie 13, 90590 OULU


Toiminimi The Qt Company Oy Y-tunnus 2637805-2 Toimiala Ohjelmistojen suunnittelu ja valmistus

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Tämä työpaikka, Qt experts to R&D, Support and Consultancy, on ilmoitettu mol -palvelussa 23.09.2016 ja sen on julkaissut The Qt Company Oy. Kyseessä on kokoaikatyö. Ilmoituksen hakuaika umpeutuu 30.11.2016. Työpaikka sijaitsee paikkakunnalla Oulu , osoitteessa Elektroniikkatie 13, 90590 OULU . Ilmoituksen jättäneellä työnantajalla on tällä hetkellä avoimia työpaikkoja Duunitorilla yhteensä 3 kappaletta .

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