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Together with seven people experts, we form Siili Solution’s Talent team. Our job is not only to find amazing new Siilis, but also to help our current Siilis to enjoy their work through organizing events, surprises and activities like hackathons, movie screenings and parties. Right now we are looking for an experienced recruiter who is ready to take their talent attraction game to a new level together with their kick-ass colleagues :)

What do we offer?

Why do we love working at Siili? We are so, so proud of our 400+ people across four countries – each individual is a top talent in their chosen field of expertise, including our team. Siilis are true digital craftsmen and –women, who help our clients to do things smarter, faster, leaner and simpler through Design, Information Management and Technology. Even though we are already quite big and getting more international all the time, we have not lost our lean, open, people-first culture. In Siili we believe in low hierarchy, thinking on our feet and respecting each other and our clients. Hope you do too!

What are we looking for?

We think our team and Siili in general are quite special, and our target is to offer our new colleague a job that makes them happy to come to work every morning, but that still offers enough challenges to keep things interesting. In order for this to happen, we think you should:

  • Understand that recruitment in the Technology & IT sector is very different than “traditional recruitment”, and have the right tools and skills to succeed (several years of experience and vision of talent attraction and employer branding 
  • Believe that anything is possible if you have the right people, tools and attitude! Being a Siili means that you are prepared to come up with a solution if you see something that does not work – but you will have your team’s support to make it a reality 
  • Always reach for the perfect candidate experience, even if a candidate does not yet become a Siili – all people we meet in our recruitment process are special to us, whether they get hired or not 
  • Be comfortable to be the glue that unites our business needs to attracting the best people, whether that means collaboration with our designers, developers, sales or even our CEO Seppo 
  • Be fluent in Finnish & English 


If you want to work for a Finnish technology company that dares to dream big and then make those dreams come true, and you feel that you would fit our Talent team culture, send your application as soon as possible (but at latest by October 26) by CLICKING HERE. If you have questions about the position, please contact Tiia from our Talent Team (available Oct 18 9:00 – 11:00 and Oct 25 9:00 – 11:00, call 050 304 1646).

PS: If you want to get a taste of how we do things, check us out in FB, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn!

Krisse, Tiia, Tuija, Sini, Katariina, Miihkali & Kira

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