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Enersense International Oy provides its customers with resourcing solutions which appreciate the fluctuations in their projects. Our company is an ISO 9001:2008/14001:2004-certified actor with more than ten years of experience in operating in close cooperation with large-scale nuclear and construction sites, the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant site being the largest of them.

We are currently looking for experienced Construction Site Manager for our client in Germany.

Following tasks will be included:

- Overall coordination of the individual processes of the project regarding to technical aspects and scheduling in compliance with sufficient coordination with the responsible project manager and with economical consideration
- Must be able to reconcile construction activities and manage scope change during construction
- Accountable for managing the overall project execution performance including scope, cost, safety, quality, schedule, implementation, and customer satisfaction
- Ensure that all civil activities within the designated areas are well planned, coordinated and be able to utilize all available resources in coordination with other functional Managers in directing and supervising all involved site personnel and subcontractors
- Necessary coordination with the customer (e.g. to take part in site meetings and other coordination strategies).
- Prepare erection concepts according to technical requirements while observing the contract with the customer and economic margins
- Assembling and building site preparations derived from the main erection concept including personal capacities, equipment necessities and site installation while considering and evaluating information given by technical and/or static department
- Contribute to the contractual bindings of subcontractors (to prepare bill of quantities, to participate in contractual negotiations) and renting of machinery and equipment including technical demands
- Evaluate supplements offers from subcontractors in cooperation with the project manager
- Independently preparing and keeping up the date schedules and capacity plans
- To prepare and keep object specific concepts in coordination with the project manager
- Control of contractually agreed upon preparations of the customer and document recognized differences and report to the project manager when necessary
- Communicating with a range of people including the client, subcontractors, suppliers, and the workforce.
- Control of all works on the building site done by subcontractors as well as employees
- Prepare measurements


Our Construction Site Manager position is a senior-level role that requires industry and project experience: this role needs in-depth knowledge of the construction business.

- Graduate of Engineering from a reputable college or university (Civil Engineer or Mechanical Engineer or equivalent qualification.)
- Minimum of 5 years of significant industrial, commercial, residential construction experience
- Must be knowledgeable in quality construction practices
- Strong interpersonal skills required, motivated, has strong leadership, able to encourage subordinates and other work groups to work as a team
- The ideal candidate has knowledge of civil and structural codes and other associated codes used in the project, excellent technical background and skills in industrial environment
- Able to control a multinational workforce in a dynamic situation
- Handling of local subcontractors
- Understanding of other disciplines like Electrical, Mechanical, Piping, Instrumentation, Electronics and Communication from site activities point of view
- Possess negotiation and influence skills, innovative, creative thinker, flexible and excellent organizer
- Able to work with less supervision and even under extreme pressure

Language skills:

- Excellent oral & written communication skills in German
- Good English language skills

Drug test and concise security clearance will be done for the selected person in order to get the permanent access to OL3 site.

Please note that due to clients urgent need only applicants with a valid working permit / EU-citizenship can be considered.

The post will be filled as soon as a suitable applicant is found.

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