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What's the job?

Feel Vegas Club Kuopio opens its doors in the beginning of 2017 and our team is now looking for customer representatives who are eager to learn and have a great service attitude. We are looking for customer service staff who will work mainly as croupiers.

Feel Vegas Clubs are RAY's (Finland's Slot Machine Association) new type of entertainment clubs that offer gaming, restaurant and event entertainment services. We provide our customers with a modern and experience-rich way to spend quality time in a unique setting, in excellent company.


The person we are looking for has a brilliant personality and, among other things, the following characteristics:

Working at the club best suits a person who is sociable, quick-witted and has a good sense of humour, an easy smile and a twinkle in their eye. An open-minded attitude will take you far, and you don't hesitate to interact with new people. You know how to have a conversation with customers and easily adapt to different customer service situations. A croupier will come across many different kinds of people in the job, so your interpersonal skills and manners must be excellent. As a natural team player you are ready to give everything for your team, but when needed, you will also excel at fulfilling tasks alone, successfully taking goals beyond the finish line.

Language skills
In customer service situations, you are able to communicate in English and conversationally in Finnish. The ability to keep up small talk in other languages will also be counted in your favour.

Willingness to develop
Teemu Selänne has said that development stops with complacency. We appreciate our staff's motivation to develop in their job, their wish to advance in their career, and their professional pride.

Be your pleasant self
A workplace resembles its workers. That's why it is very important to us that all RAY employees are sociable, approachable and easy to work with, even when it gets busy.

Note: We require our applicants to have reached the age of majority, and also have an irreproachable background and normal colour vision. Persons chosen for the position will have their credit information checked to assess their reliability. Please also note that when applying, you should have all necessary work permits for working in Finland in order.


Yes! People at RAY really like their jobs and they share their feelings, for example, on Instagram using the hashtag #munrahis or #feelvegas . You can find some of our employees' career stories here.

If you are not familiar with the world of gaming, don't worry: we train all of our new employees for their jobs from the beginning!

Short and sweet:

Where? Kirjastokatu 10, 70100 Kuopio
When will I be working? Between 10 am and 4 am and especially evenings/ weekends
How many hours? Part-time according to agreement, a total of 15-30 h/week (permanent contract of employment)
When? Training for the job begins in 21 November

Do you have any questions? I would be happy to give you further information about the position:
Tuesday 25th October between 10-11 am and Thursday 27th October between 1-2 pm:
Mirva Haapalainen, recruiter tel. 09 4370 2536

Apply for a job in a great team by Sunday 30 October!

The best applicants will be invited to a personal interview, which will be conducted in Kuopio 1-3.11.

#feelvegas - It's a state of mind

PS: If you want to see what the Feel Vegas Club is like, take a look at the attached video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jH3wq_0ZvA

Web-osoite: http://www.ray.fi Työnantaja: Raha-Automaattiyhdistys (RAY) Sijainti: 70100 KUOPIO Työajat: muu osa-aikatyö Työ alkaa: 21.11.2016, Training for the job begins in 21 Nov Yhteystiedot: LisätMirva Haapalainen, rekrytointivastaava, puh. 09 4370 2536 Ilmoitus jätetty: 17.10.2016 Haku päättyy: 30.10.2016 23:59 Ilmoituskanava: mol

Työpaikan sijainti kartalla

Osoite: 70100 KUOPIO


Tämä työpaikka, Brilliant customer service representatives, Feel V, on ilmoitettu mol -palvelussa 17.10.2016 ja sen on julkaissut Raha-Automaattiyhdistys (RAY). Kyseessä on muu osa-aikatyö. Ilmoituksen hakuaika umpeutuu 30.10.2016. Työpaikka sijaitsee paikkakunnalla 70100 - Kuopio , osoitteessa 70100 KUOPIO .

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