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Accenture Technology powers our clients to achieve high performance. We combine business and industry insights with innovative technology to drive growth for your business.

As a Technology Architect at Accenture you will be working in inspiring custom development projects for our clients. You will be responsible for designing and developing the DevOps and Runtime Architectures for custom-built software systems.

We look for people who already are Technology Architects or have a strong motivation to become one. As part of our global team, you'll be working with the latest software and leading-edge development tools and our international reach means that you have the opportunity to be part of a truly global organization of smart, technical people. Your expertise and proficiency is supported and developed by our extensive training program, which is continuous throughout your career at Accenture.

As a Technology Architect you will be:
  • Designing and documenting the overall system architecture for a large heterogeneous software system that includes multiple software applications and their interoperation
  • Establishing system-wide architectural, design, and implementation guidelines and practices
  • Have a overall responsibility for the quality of the system and its conformance to agreed constraints
  • Coaching, mentoring, and instructing software developers and other team members
  • Monitor industry trends, directions and new software and hardware
  • Develop and present substantive technical recommendations to senior and executive management
  • Select tools and systems in order to meet business needs
  • Supporting sales and proposal work, including technical design and work effort estimation

Depending on your experience and interests you may specialize into:
  • development environment and development process architectures (development and testing processes and toolsets)
  • application execution architectures (Java platforms and application server products and supporting library stacks such as Hibernate, Spring and others)
  • lightweight architectures (Node, Angular, Spring Boot/Cloud, React, Play, Docket and others)
  • integration architectures (EAI/ESB/BPM/SOA tools and solutions)
  • data architectures (Hadoop/Oracle/DB2 and other database solutions)
  • operations architectures (systems management and monitoring solutions)

Basic qualifications

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in IT or other relevant studies
  • Hands on systems development experience
  • Knowledge of Java EE and of common architectural patterns, frameworks, and libraries such as, e.g., Spring, Hibernate, MVC, layering, abstraction, interfaces, etc.
  • Knowledge of software, integration, data and enterprise architecture design patterns as per your area of specialization
  • Experience with documenting software architectures and core UML diagram types
  • Knowledge of modern development tools and techniques such as Eclipse, test-driven development, continuous integration, and metrics tools
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Good communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills in Finnish and English
  • Deep skills in development and delivery methods, component-based development and project management are an asset.

Why Accenture? Because people enjoy working here; the work we do is challenging, interesting and meaningful. We offer the ability to balance professional challenges with your personal life. Professional development is a key part of the total reward package we offer, and you will qualify for compensation that include overtime and performance based pay.

Accenture welcomes and encourages applications from diverse backgrounds related to gender, age, ethnicity, culture, race, religion and belief, disability, nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values, providing an environment where everyone brings distinct experience, talent and culture to their work. We invite you to be part of this diversity!

Interested? Make your move - apply online and attach a CV and letter of application with salary request in English. Please note that we will start processing applications immediately. We look forward to receiving your application!

Työnantaja: Accenture Sijainti: Helsinki Ilmoitus jätetty: 17.08.2016 Haku päättyy: Toistaiseksi voimassa Ilmoituskanava: Accenture

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Tämä työpaikka, Technology Architects, on ilmoitettu Accenture -palvelussa 17.08.2016 ja sen on julkaissut Accenture. Ilmoitus on toistaiseksi voimassa. Työpaikka sijaitsee Helsinki , osoitteessa Helsinki . Ilmoituksen jättäneellä työnantajalla on tällä hetkellä avoimia työpaikkoja Duunitorilla yhteensä 36 kappaletta.


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