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Public cloud is becoming a mainstream capability across industries, and making this happen in large scale requires unique combination of capabilities: understanding of large enterprises needs and constraints while being deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the new technical, operational and commercial models of true cloud.

Accenture Infrastructure Consulting is at the forefront of the wide adoption of cloud in all dimensions: we know our clients and their industries deeply, starting from the business potential and pain points, through applications and enterprise architecture and reaching deep into their infrastructure. We know how to make transformations happen, how exciting and challenging that is.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead sales and delivery of cloud transformations, building on our teams of highly skilled cloud planning, desing and implementation professionals.
  • Act as business leader and subject matter expert: drive direct consulting business in cloud and profoundly exhibit Accenture's ability to provide complete cloud transformations.
  • Drive managed services in cloud, together with our specialist solution architects and managed services leadership
  • Advise our clients' IT and business leaders on the key decisions they need to take with their data centers and computing services but also other digital infrastructure domains
  • Demonstrate strong rotation to the new, in core infrastructure and its automation and interfaces with application development. Assist clients deploy new infrastructure management and DevOps capabilities such as Docker and Chef/Puppet.
  • Shape and lead transformational programs around cloud for the top 50 companies across the Nordic region

Basic qualifications
Required skills:

  • Cloud Strategy & Advisory
  • Infrastructure and application analysis
  • Migration design and execution
  • Infrastructure and technology architectures and methodologies
  • Skills and ideally certifications in public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Project and people management, XaaS delivery models and ITIL / Service Management
  • Presentation and effective communication, business acumen and strategic mindset
  • Infrastructure cost analysis and optimization, business case development
  • C-suite communications

Demonstrated experience:
  • Demonstrated ability to drive business in the infrastructure / cloud domain
  • Proven track record of cloud and data center transformation / migration
  • Designing large scale cloud solutions. Demonstrated hands-on experience of related technologies
  • Commercial shaping and sales of consulting services in the cloud and infrastructure areas. Track record of closing major sales.
  • Market knowledge and understanding of cost levels in the infrastructure space, and competitive pricing
  • Advising customers' IT and business leadership on the above topics

Why Accenture?

We have the industry's strongest technology alliances, in public and private cloud as well as applications and beyond. We know our clients deeply and have a solid reputation for delivering high performance. This is also recognized in the market, e.g. IDC has rated Accenture as the Leader in Cloud Professional Services.

Professional development is a key part of the total reward package we offer, and you will qualify for competitive base compensation and performance based pay.


Make your move - apply online and attach a CV and letter of application in English.

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